​Ramone, ​acrylic/canvas, 16"x20"

Camel Hump, acrylic/canvas, 24"x32"

Bab Al Shams, Dubai "Camel Snack" acrylic/canvas


Dubai Camel, "Dylan", acrylic/canvas, 23"x27"  

Camel, "Raki", acrylic/canvas


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Elvis, ​acrylic on canvas  SOLD

When I lived in Dubai for a few years, I was fortunate enough to see  camels grazing in their native desert, and I took photos as they looked me straight in the eye.  I was delighted to learn that Arizona had a U.S. camel corps, and I recently saw the photo of a camel in the newspaper that is a pet in the Phoenix area.  They each have such different personalities.