Granddogs, Labradors  watercolor/gouache/canvas

Poppy & Willow​, Golden Retrievers,

oil on board

Jackson, Miniature Schnauzer, oil/ panel

Lily, Boxer, ​charcoal, chalk on paper

Clover, Yorkie​, oil on canvas

Duffy loves Caleigh, Burmese Mountain & Cocker Spaniel,

​oil on canvas

Patriotic Mixed Breed,

charcoal/watercolor on canvas

Kona, Golden Retriever, 

oil on canvas

Rocco, Rottweiler,

watercolor on paper

Blaine, Dachshund,

oil on wood

Sleepy Lab, watercolor/paper

Bongo, Great White Pyrenees, 

charcoal, pastel on canvas

These are some past paintings that were commissioned and are shown as samples of my dog art where I worked from photographs: boxer, golden doodle, labrador retriever, great white pyrenees, dachshund, labrador retriever, and rottweiler.  I am happy to paint a portrait of your favorite pup.  Prices depend on size and medium. 

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Traveling Twinkles,  Pomeranian,

 ​oil on canvas

Ace, Bouvier des Flandres, ​oil on canvas

Go Fetch! ​ Labrador, 

 oil on canvas

Poppy, Golden Retriever, charcoal/pastel on board

Twinkles, Pomeranian

oil on canvas

Dachsunds, watercolor on panel

Snickers, Goldendoodle, ​oil on canvas

Labradoodle, oil on canvas

Shih Tzu Friends, oil on canvas

Maggie May, Boxer, ​Oil on wood