Traveling Twinkles,  Pomeranian,

 ​oil on canvas

Ace, Bouvier des Flandres, ​oil on canvas

Downhill Racer, ​oil on canvas

Clover, Yorkie​, oil on canvas

Patriotic Mixed Breed,

charcoal/watercolor on canvas

Kona, Golden Retriever, 

oil on canvas

Sleepy Lab, watercolor/paper

Bongo, Great White Pyrenees, 

charcoal/ pastel/ canvas

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Lily, Boxer, ​charcoal, chalk on paper

Poppy, Golden Retriever

charcoal, pastel on board

Twinkles, Pomeranian

oil on canvas

Dachsunds, watercolor on panel

Duffy loves Caleigh, Burmese Mountain & Cocker Spaniel,

​oil on canvas

Maggie May, Boxer, ​Oil on wood

Rocco, Rottweiler,

watercolor on paper

Blaine, Dachshund, oil on wood

These are some past paintings that were commissioned and are shown as samples of my dog art where I worked from photographs. Prices depend on size and medium. 

Waiting for Daddy, ​oil on canvas

Standard Poodle, ​oil on canvas

Poppy & Willow​, Golden Retrievers,

oil on board

Jackson, Miniature Schnauzer, oil/ panel

Snickers, Goldendoodle, ​oil on canvas

Labradoodle, oil on canvas

Shih Tzu Friends, oil on canvas

Go Fetch! ​ Labrador, 

 oil on canvas

Granddogs, Labradors  watercolor/gouache/canvas

Corgis, oil on canvas