River Blossoms, watercolor and ink on paper


Rumi, Watercolor/ink on paper​, 11"x14"

Purple Iris, Acrylic/Canvas​, 20"x30"

I am a gardener and enjoy drinking coffee in the early morning in my Georgetown garden.  In Dubai, I was introduced to the poetry of Rumi, the ancient Persion Sufi philosopher.  His poem, "The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets to Tell", especially inspired me.

RUMI BREEZE AT DAWN, mixed media on paper​   SOLD

Floral Arrangement, top painting acrylic,

​bottom painting watercolor

sold separately or as a set

​photo taken in sunlit room

Blossoms, acrylic on canvas​, 22"x28"

Hibiscus, Acrylic/Canvas, 23"x23"

Spring Branch, acrylic on paper