RUMI BREEZE AT DAWN, mixed media on paper​   SOLD

Spring Branch, acrylic on paper


Floral Arrangement, top painting acrylic,

​bottom painting watercolor

sold separately or as a set

​photo taken in sunlit room

Blossoms, acrylic on canvas​, 22"x28"

River Blossoms, watercolor and ink on paper


Rumi, Watercolor/ink on paper​, 11"x14"

Hibiscus, Acrylic/Canvas, 23"x23"

Purple Iris, Acrylic/Canvas​, 20"x30"

I am a gardener and enjoy drinking coffee in the early morning in my Georgetown garden.  In Dubai, I was introduced to the poetry of Rumi, the ancient Persion Sufi philosopher.  His poem, "The Breeze at Dawn Has Secrets to Tell", especially inspired me.